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Sides of Raudenfeld


Fanart Karmy kiss on the trailer, by me. :D

Not sure why Karma will agree, but anyway, I think Amy will be the one to pull away and run away from Karma.

PS : I imagined they broke up officially in front of everyone by saying they fall out in love of each other and consider each other as just friends now.

very good!!!


make me choose // asked: Piper Chapman or Amy Raudenfeld

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I love your videos on youtube so much! :)

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The Morning After [2x01] Promo Pics

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Faking it // CRACK #2


that akward moment… i want a fanfic!

that akward moment… i want a fanfic!

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It’s only weird if we make things weird and we’re not making it weird.

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I EVEN CAN’T!!!!!!!!!

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EXCLUSIVE: Watch the official Faking It season two promo! 

According to the new promo, the Amy will have to face the consequences of her drunken night with Liam. Karma and Amy’s friendship may suffer as a result of Amy’s confession of her true feelings for Karma. We may also finally find out what Lauren’s secret is - possibly the story behind the pills mentioned in season one.

What do you think of the new season two promo? 





-Liam and Amy keep their hook-up a secret from everyone. They became friends because of that secret. Amy became Liam’s fake girlfriend in Liam’s parents eyes.

-Amy avoid Karma at first, Karma try to talk to Amy, then they realize they can’t not be friends, so they decides to do like Amy…